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Bill Strobach, PE

Bill was a structural engineer at the Corps for 30 years during which time he was lead structural engineer on numerous civil works type projects (i.e. pumping plants, flood walls, retaining walls, drainage structures) and military type projects (i.e. barracks, administration buildings, warehouses, gymnasiums) at military installations such as Ft. Riley, Ft. Leonard Wood, Ft. Leavenworth, Whiteman AFB, McConnell AFT and Grand Forks AFB. Bill was lead structural engineer on a $60 million barracks project in 1997 that successfully proceeded from concepts to final plans in nine months. Upon leaving the Corps in December 1997, he received the Commanders Award for Civilian Service for dedication, service, creative thinking and highly comprehensive and professional structural engineering design.

The following is a summary of Bill’s experience on civil works-type levee projects during employment with the Kansas City District Corps of Engineers: A) Design structural features (plans and specifications) including L-246 (Parts I thru III ), L-408, South Topeka, KC Levee Projects (Armourdale, Argentine, CID), Lawrence (Mud Creek) and MO River Mitigation Project; B) Review structural features including Bannister Federal Complex, Turkey Creek, L-385 (also worked on this project since planning inception stages in mid-1970s), L-445/R471/460, as well as numerous reviews (100+) of local sponsors plans such as Station Casino, Kemper Arena upgrade, Gateway, etc.; C) Feasibility studies design including L-142 and Wears Creek; D) Prepare structural input and helped formulate the following COE documents: EM1110-2-2705 (Structural Design of Closure Structures for Local Flood Protection Projects) and KCDCOE Guidance for Work Proposed Near or Within Federally Constructed Flood Control Project.

Since joining Norton & Schmidt in May 1998, Bill has completed a diverse array of projects and has met the clientele needs in a timely manner. He has the design experience for projects of all sizes. Bill provided structural design for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Levee Project at Riverside, Missouri (L-385) and has worked on several Blue River KCMO projects such as the Utility Corridor at Blue Parkway Bridge, Dodson Phase 3 Flood Protection Project, Blue River Channel Modifications (Brush Creek to 53rd Street), and design work for the Turkey Creek Walled Channel Flood Protection project and the Turkey Creek Restored Channel, Phase 3 project. Bill also designed exterior modifications on a large residential project such as temporary shoring for porch columns, composite deck/pile foundation, detached garage and site retaining walls. Bill is currently working on the Swope Park Industrial Area Bank Stabilization project.
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