Engineer (E.I.T. or I.E.)

No positions currently available, however, we always welcome resumes in the event an opening occurs in the near future.

Secretary/Administrative Assistant

We are not hiring at this time, but you are welcome to send your resume to: Human Resources, 311 E 11th Avenue, N Kansas City MO 64116, and we will keep your information on file for one year.

Technicians/CAD Operators/Drafters

No positions currently available; however, we would be happy to keep your resume on file. If you have at least two years experienced in drafting (for any discipline, but knowledge in civil, MEP, and structural are preferred) and are experienced in AutoCad, MicroStation, and Revit software, please send your resume to: Human Resources, 311 E. 11th Avenue, North Kansas City MO 64116.

Engineer (licensed Professional Engineers) – Civil, Structual, MEP

Over the next five to seven years, four of our partners will begin retirement. This provides an opportunity for licensed professional engineers to join our firm, work with established clients of Norton & Schmidt, and enjoy income potential well above those at other local engineering firms. At this time, we are actively searching for civil, MEP, and structural licensed Professional Engineers (with a minimum of three years experience). The engineers at Norton & Schmidt enjoy the freedom to enhance and control their careers, which include choosing:

  • Structural, Civil, MEP, Restoration, Forensics, Due Diligence, Consulting Services
  • Type of professional development
  • Type of projects and clients
  • Schedules, hours, vacations, etc

If you are ambitious with an entrepreneurial spirit and are currently considering, or have thought about, having your own business, we urge you to consider Norton & Schmidt not only as a career opportunity, but a place to grow professionally throughout your career. Joining Norton & Schmidt offers a variety of benefits versus opening your own firm:

  • Promote alongside an established, reputable firm
  • Trouble-shooting issues with other engineers within the firm – decades of quality experience under one roof
  • Shared expenses; clerical and business management services provided; private office; loans available through company
  • Insurance policies established for Professional Liability, Workers Comp, General, Health, Life, and Long-Term Disability

These benefits allow an engineer to jump right into billable projects and begin earning income in lieu of spending countless hours setting up, interviewing staff, and dealing with all the other issues in managing your new firm.