Norton & Schmidt Consulting Engineers completes designs, investigations and inspections of commercial and residential property.

Mechanical and electrical designs are performed on whole systems for buildings, as well as, renovations of existing buildings.

Specific Areas of Interest

Electrical: Designs for high and low voltage systems from residential to industrial applications. Project experience ranges from commercial renovations to system designs for major motor control centers. Designs based on the NEC.

Lighting: Indoor and outdoor lighting projects ranging from parking lots to indoor office lighting design.

HVAC: Design of the system from the initial building concept through the final phase of construction to ensure that the system is right for the situation.

Energy Audits and Analysis: Providing the analysis for building systems improvements to use energy efficiently.

Industrial and Utility Areas: Heat exchangers, steam turbines, gas turbines, insulation, cooling towers and coal handling.

Plumbing: Piping and plumbing designs for gases, fuel oil, steam, water and air. Pumping system application design.

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