We define Owner’s Representation services as the ability to collaborate with and coordinate the work of many individual project team members, all the while evaluating each step in the process and every decision made solely with the best interests of the Owner in mind. That is the perspective which Norton & Schmidt brings to the table when serving as the Owner’s Rep for a project. This approach is critical, whether the project is a large ground-up new development, renovation of an existing building, or individual tenant build-out.

Norton & Schmidt will provide any or all of the services listed below tailored to exactly fit an Owner’s needs for a given project. We will work with you to supplement in-house capabilities in a single specific area, or provide a comprehensive service package if that approach will bring the most value to your project.

• Master Project Scheduling: work with the Owner to develop an overall project road map which includes time for land acquisition, zoning, entitlements, financing, leasing, design and construction, incorporating the contractor’s detailed construction schedule into the master project schedule;

• Site Selection & Evaluation: assess existing/proposed road and utility infrastructure, potential to achieve a balanced site in terms of earth moving requirements, access & visibility issues, identify unusual building foundation requirements;

• Evaluate Alternative Project Delivery Methods: determine which method is best suited to the project at hand;

o Traditional design, bid and build;

o Fast track options including multiple bid packages;

o Design / Build applicability;

o Early GMP – pricing based on partially complete documents.

• Design / Construction Team Selection & Contract Negotiation: evaluate designer and contractor proposals, assist in negotiating clear, effective contract terms;

• Designing Within the Construction Budget: foster front end “value engineering” to allow the design to adapt before team members are too “invested” in an item/system to be able to make changes efficiently and cost effectively;

• Coordinate With Applicable Governmental Jurisdictions: expedite zoning, permitting and inspection processes;

• Construction Progress Reporting: not just reporting what already happened, but anticipating the impact of events, decisions and changes on the overall schedule;

• Change Management: minimizing impact of design and construction changes on the overall project proforma, evaluation of A/E and contractor requested change orders;

• Project Closeout: Assist w/ final City inspections, closing out of contracts, warranty negotiations;

• Tenant Coordination: evaluate and manage impact of tenant lease inducements and subsequent build-outs on overall project schedule and cost, coordinate efforts of individual tenant and shell building contractors;

Bob Robinett heads the Norton & Schmidt Owner’s Rep services, and has acted in that capacity on numerous new, renovation and tenant finish projects over the past 25 years. Some of the notable projects include:

• the recently completed 8 block Kansas City Power & Light Retail District;

• the 35 story Town Pavilion and the 29 story 1201 Walnut office buildings in downtown Kansas City, MO;

• the mixed use Plaza Colonnade office building, parking garage and Public Library on the Kansas City Country Club Plaza;

• the new Nordstrom anchor store, parking structures and comprehensive mall renovation of the Oak Park Mall in Overland Park, KS.