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Austin Ricks

Austin Ricks has received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from John Brown University and his master’s degree in civil structural engineering from The University of Missouri in Kansas City. He is a licensed professional engineer in Missouri and Kansas. Austin has years of experience in the design of new residential houses, house remodels and additions, office and retail renovations, industrial systems, warehouse foundations, fire restoration of both residential and commercial spaces, retaining walls, and miscellaneous projects such as art installations and metal fabricated structures. He has provided inspection and review services for residential real-estate transactions, commercial property condition assessments, industrial and institutional solar retrofits, and residential and commercial remodels. His design and inspection experience has involved all major construction building materials, such as wood, concrete, steel, and masonry. Austin is committed to delivering high quality structural systems and analysis to every project, meeting the needs of and maximizing the value provided to the client, while upholding his duty to the safety and welfare of the public.
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