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Residential Design

Your house may be the largest investment you make in your life. However, the house building process can be full of potential risks and pitfalls. At Norton & Schmidt, we want to remove the risk from your house building journey. We can review your residential house plans to make sure you're meeting all of the required codes for your area, and will help get you into compliance if you are not.


Our licensed professional engineers spend thousands of hours each year on job sites observing projects and working with contractors and architects to solve problems that appear during construction. Our residential plan review can save you time and money by helping to avoid those problems before they arise.

Our review will typically consist of the following:

  • Structural design and redline of the plans. This includes sizing and specifying structural members (including rafters, ceiling and floor joists, footings, etc.). This also includes identifying any connections that would be considered "abnormal."

  • Specifications for structural materials as required on the drawings


For an additional fee, Norton & Schmidt's engineers can also provide the following:

  • Review of final prints, including two sets of prints sealed by an engineer

  • Lateral analysis as required by the city

  • Additional front elevations

  • Walkout basements

  • Value engineering (analyzing different construction scenarios in order to maximize value)

  • Additional addresses using the same plan (generally ½ of original fee)

  • Site visits to allow general observation of the installation and workmanship of the structural components

Don't leave your biggest investment to chance. Contact us to get the input of a licensed professional engineer on the design of your house before you begin the building process.

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