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Structural Home Inspections

At Norton & Schmidt, we take the stress out of the home inspection process. Simply contact us to set up a home inspection with one of our licensed professional engineers. We are licensed to provide a wide variety of inspection services, including 
foundation, structural, and roofing.


During the inspection, we invite you to ask questions or express any concerns you have regarding the property. The engineer performing the inspection will discuss the inspection results with you and answer any questions you may have.  In addition to the verbal summary, the engineer will provide you with a written report (complete with repair recommendations). The report will be available within a few days of the physical inspection. All reports are stamped by a licensed professional engineer and meet the requirements of FHA, VA, and most mortgage companies. 


What do we look for? Our structural inspection will consist of a review of the overall structure of the house. This includes 
concrete slabs, foundation walls, exposed floor frame, the interior of the home, roof rafters, and the exterior grade around the perimeter of the house. For a foundation inspection, the engineer will provide a thorough review of all parts of the house dealing with the foundation. A roof review consists of an examination of the roof structure, including checking the present condition of the roof materials (checked from the ground provided the surface is visible). 

Standard Pricing



Rate is based on a standard house in the Kansas City area. Additional charges may apply due to mileage, houses above 2,500 SF, travel outside of the KC metro, design work, etc.

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