Residential Plan Review

Structural Plan Review – Because the scope of work for each house plan is different (ie; exact home size, site conditions, layout, architectural complexity, options, etc.), we cannot provide an exact fee for each plan without a thorough review of the plans. However, we anticipate our fees to be as described. The actual fee will vary depending on the size and complexity of your house plan. The plan review fee applies to only the first house constructed using that plan. The final address of the first home constructed must be provided for our files.

Information furnished shall include, but not be limited to, roof plan, floor plans and elevations on tracings (preferred) or prints.

The structural services we will provide for this plan review service include the following:

A. The structural design and redline of the plans as needed to convey our design. The design information will then be forwarded to you.

Items reviewed and specified:
a. Sizing and specifying all structural members, including rafters, ceiling and floor joists, beams and headers, columns, footings and foundation walls on the drawings.
b. Specifying and/or detailing connections that would be considered “abnormal”.

B. Specifications for all structural materials as required on the drawings. These will either be shown on a detail sheet that will be attached to the drawings or on “sticky back” notes applied to the plans.

The following services can be provided for an additional fee. The fee will vary and will depend on the complexity of the plan.

1. Review of the final prints (to ensure that all the structural notes and sizes have been correctly transferred) and two sets of prints sealed by an engineer. Extra sets of sealed prints can be added for extra cost. If supplied at the time of sealing the original two sets.
2. Lateral analysis as required by the City.
3. Additional front elevations.
4. Additional fee if roof plan not provided.
5. Walkout basement.
6. Additional for “open floor plan”.
7. Structural layout (framing direction and beam locations not specified by designer.
8. Drafting on tracings.
9. Value engineering (analyzing different construction scenarios in order to cut costs).
10. Meetings.
11. Plan options (including vaulted ceiling options) (fee evaluated per house plan).
12. Additional address using the same plan (generally 1/2 of original fee).
13. Calculations if required by the city.
14. Site visits to allow general observation of the installation and workmanship of the structural components can be provided as requested for an additional fee.

Please click on Contact Us and leave your information so an engineer may call, or call us at (816)421-4232 and ask for Barney Schwabauer, Larry Fehner, Dave Dorau, Clark Kelly, Ed Hutson, or Eddie Phillips.