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Structural Design

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At Norton & Schmidt, we believe in the proverb, "well begun is half done." The adage is especially applicable to the structural design of your building project. Good structural design functions as the skeleton upon which all other systems are built. That solid framework sets the stage for the successful operation and functioning of the entire building structure.  

Norton & Schmidt engineers have provided structural engineering design on over 10,000 design projects, spanning more than 50 years and 48 states. We offer vast experience in all types of building materials, including cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, structural steel, masonry, wood, and aluminum. 

The firm has provided structural design services for a variety of building types including schools, multiplex theaters, commercial retail centers, low-rise and mid-rise office buildings, industrial buildings, warehouse buildings, and single and multi-family dwellings. 

Our decades of experience, combined with our continuing education in the newest construction methods and processes, allows us to join experience with innovation in the field of structural design. New products and processes can decrease costs for the client but also need to be weighed against longevity and structural integrity. Our engineers work with each client to weigh the structural options available and determine the best course based on the client's needs and budget.

Whether your project is a residential addition or a ten-story office building, Norton & Schmidt has the experience and 
knowledge you need to ensure your project is structurally sound for decades to come.  

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