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Structural Home Inspections

A residential structural engineering inspection is an in-depth evaluation of a home's structural components, such as the foundation, floor framing, roof framing, and walls. It's like taking an X-ray of your house, revealing any potential problems that could affect its stability or safety. Whether you're buying a new home or have lived in your current one for years, a structural inspection can give you peace of mind knowing your home is sound. It can identify hidden issues before they become major problems, saving you money and stress in the long run.

The Home Inspection Process

You Setup an Appointment

Contact Us to setup a home inspection with one of our licensed Professional Engineers.

We Inspect Your House

During the inspection, you are invited to ask questions or express concerns regarding the property. The engineer will provide a verbal summary of the inspection results and answer any questions.

We Create the Report

Within a few days, a written report (complete with repair recommendations) will be made available. All reports are stamped by a licensed Professional Engineer.

Standard Pricing



Rate is based on a standard house in the Kansas City area. Additional charges may apply due to mileage, houses above 2,500 SF, travel outside of the KC metro, design work, etc.

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